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Feeling Like A Princess at Gordon Skagit Farms

The morning was crisp with the iconic PNW fog beginning to fade as I looked out the window. It was pumpkin patch day. A day I look forward to all year long.

With a quick pit stop to our favorite local coffee shop Narrative, we then set out up north to visit the dreamiest pumpkin farm in the Pacific Northwest, Gordon Skagit Farms. Gordon’s is a family owned business that specializes in rare and unique pumpkins and gourds nestled in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Washington state.

If you are looking for a good patch to make your pumpkin dreams come true, this is the place. Parking was a breeze even on one of the busiest days of the year. With the additions of a food truck, small food market, and delightful touches of all the farm charm you would expect to see at a pumpkin patch (and then some), you may feel as though you are stepping into a fairytale.

Everywhere you look you gather inspiration at Gordon Skagit Farms. The colors and textures of these pumpkins were quite literally, stunning! As we filled an entire large wheelbarrow of the most unique heirloom pumpkins and gourds, I was pleasantly surprised to spend only $50!

As we bopped about the place happily hunting for our bounty, along with many, filling up giant wheel barrows and carts, the staff were rushing to bring in loads and loads more pumpkins and gourds. Soft minty greens, earthy pinks, reds, creamy whites, oranges and dark greens in all shapes, sizes, and textures! No two pumpkins alike, making your selection all the more special.

After loading up our jeep with all the goods, we then headed back to the farm to hit up the wood fire pizza truck, or should I say Air Stream, parked on the grounds. With a quick ten-minute wait, we got our personal pizza, which was delish', and then headed back to the little market, the "Festival of Family Farms" they were hosting to kick off the season.

We purchased a couple cold Fresh Plum Sodas from a local farmer, JuneBug Ferments. A naturally fermented probiotic beverage made of only filtered water, fresh plums from her trees, ginger and spices! I am continually kicking myself for not buying her out. She also offers a variety of other homemade beverages and canned goods.

All this to say, Gordon Skagit Farms makes for the most magical Fall outing, and is an absolute must visit pumpkin farm located in the beautiful Skagit Valley, WA. Recently featured in Martha Stewart Living, this pumpkin farm will not disappoint.

Skagit is a wonderful place to visit, with many talented small businesses and family run farms. You can read a little more about Skagit Valley and another must stop spot in our recent Journal entry about local Nursery, Christianson’s {}

Gordon Skagit Farms

360 424 0363

15598 McLean Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273

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