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A Place To Remember

A truck flew by, the sound of many crisp leaves rush across Cedar avenue, I am awoken from my daydream as I walked to the shop after picking up a coffee from the local café. Found myself thinking about how I wanted this weekend away to be used for a time of healing and processing all that had taken place over the last several months.

We had been gifted a stay at a truly remarkable farmhouse up north, from a few people we greatly admire. Jen and Luke, salt of the earth people and owners of The Kinlands, are the kind of people that inspire in everything they do. House Kinlands is an old farmhouse located in Bow, Washington, and as curator and owner Jen puts it, “a place to remember yourself”.

Driving long stretches of farm lands, gazing out at the towering trees filled with rust colored leaves, the wind was beginning to pick up in preparation for a big storm approaching later that evening. We arrived at the farmhouse in the dark of the evening. The wind was howling, Eloise was fast asleep from the hour drive, as I stepped out of our car into nearly pitch black, nothing but a tall post light on the side of the old barn lighting our way. I looked up at the light, rain drops hitting my bare face as it rushed sideways from the strong winds.

For months I have felt as though I can barely catch my breath. From renovating the shop, opening, maintaining our online business and presence, being a wife, mama, and all my other responsibilities compiled upon my temporarily increased work load… it felt like too much. All of this, with the addition of several dear friends being diagnosed with serious illnesses, and other's suffering, had left me on my knees.

The rain washed my face, the wind tossed my hair in all angles, and the sound of trees dancing in the night felt a lot like life and all its real rawness lately, but somehow in the midst of it all so beautiful.

If I am being completely transparent, debilitating anxiety consumed me like a sickness for weeks. I was afraid of so much. Fearful of tangible realities as well as farfetched ideas. Life was feeling harder than normal, and I know the weight of the world was bearing down on those I loved. My heart was faced with a constant ache.

It had been one of the hardest seasons we have ever gone through. But ultimately, one of the most beautiful. My eyes have been opened to so much around me. We have been able to be more real and raw with friends like never before.

" not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6 - a verse I have memorized and pray daily.

Sometimes what we think life is going to be like doesn’t quite pan out. There is grief there. However, there is so much strength and courage to be found in embracing the life that we have here and now. Humbly making changes where change is due, and graciously opening our hearts to a new beginning which once looked like a closed door.

The beginning always starts with some kind of end. Death, decay, destruction, and then change. There have been a few memorable moments in my life of this pivotal kind of realization. Change is often really uncomfortable, but boy, does it wake us up.

After choosing a room in the rather large farmhouse, we snuggled in, with a dim lit light on the bedside table, beneath the cozy linen bedding, listening to nothing but the sound of the roaring storm outside. The wind and the rain did not let up all night, which was in a way a comforting persistent sound to doze off to.

The following morning, I awoke just before sunrise. The storm had passed, and it left silence in its wake. I had never been in an old home that was so quiet. Even the heaters made no noise. Forcing me to sit in the silence, to sit with my thoughts and my heavy heart.

I wandered into the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee, and sat at the grand rustic dining table all to myself. The room was quiet, and I stared out the window at the light of dawn as it shown through the thick fog outside. It reminded me of the ocean, as the farmland looked vast with the fog just resting above it.

The sound of giggles and morning playfulness lead me back upstairs to Ky and Eloise. Waking up in such a big old farmhouse with long halls and big rooms must have been exciting for a little one. I know that it was for me.

After a morning of restfulness and capturing images of the beautiful old farmhouse, we ventured out for the day. With plans in placed to finally explore the little town of Edison, as well as visit some of the antiquing spots in surrounded areas. But first, breakfast was in order. We made our way to Mount Vernon, where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Calico Cupboard.

After breakfast, we hopped over to one of my favorite antique shops in Mount Vernon, The Red Door. It was all decked out in vintage Christmas which sparked that feeling of festive nostalgia. From there we explored a bit of Sedro Woolley and on to Edison, which felt like the main event.

Edison is a pretty unique little old coastal artist town, smack dab in the middle of farmland. Quite the unique combination, which makes for a pretty special kind of touristy spot. The buildings on the main street all held so much character of their own. Walking around what felt like a movie set, we found our way to a little café which we had heard so much about, Tweets.

Upon walking into to this unique eating destination, you are greeted with walls of collected antique shaving mirrors and moments of natural textures and mismatch tables and chairs and all sorts of creatively constructed things. Like a bakery display case made from antique general store counters and old doors with window panes.

As we arrived just before closing, the menu had nearly sold out, but we were accommodated with an alternative egg ham and cheese crescent sandwich, which left us wanting more. We left with our hot chocolates made using cacao, the delicious sandwich and a few cookies in hand. The light was fading as it does early this time of year, and we headed back to the farmhouse for the evening, with plans to return to Edison the following day and explore our favorite nursery Christianson’s, in Mount Vernon.

(Snippets from a stunning little shop we visited in Edison, called Hedgerow)

Needless to say, it was a pleasant weekend full of wonderful moments as a family. We were desperate for a moment of rest and we were graciously gifted that.

The weekend in the old farmhouse gave me a moment to realize how important it is to be present in our feelings, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. It is incredibly important in the process of healing.

The naturalistic elements of the home allowed us to feel placed back into nature, less distracted, and more aware of the necessary silence. While I wished our weekend stay was longer than a few nights, I am so grateful for the opportunity to step away for bit.

Let's take a tour around the beautiful old farmhouse in Bow, House Kinlands.

Kitchen Moments

Dining Room

Living Room

There were many bathrooms with intentional details placed in each one, and every bedroom had an old sink of its own.

Each room had so much character with collected vintage pieces, pops of rich amber tones, infused by nature, and yet allowed for space to rest the mind.

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Thank you Jen and Luke for gifting us a weekend stay in your

A song of encouragement. "In the stillness things have a way of working out."

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