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Breathing With The Bees

As I stood on the edge of the lavender field, I felt the gentle hum around me. The warm July sun on my skin and the sensation overwhelmed me that the bees might just lift me right up with them. What is it called when you have both reverence and such curiosity to hold and behold a creature?

It was a perfect birthday, a dream come true, the day we captured the bees. My husband and I took the ferry to visit our apiary friends in Port Angeles. Camera gear in tow, and a little Eloise! We both had dreamed of photographing bees up close for years. Not just bees of course, but a working hive. What a huge gift to be able to do so with the people who produce our very own honey.

My husband, Ky Elliott, has put together a beautiful video offering a glimpse into that special day (you can find it at the bottom of this page). Both he and I suited up (sans gloves), to be up close with those fuzzy little friends. It was magical.