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Community Is Vital

We don’t always wake up knowing what good is in store for the day. Sometimes we wake up with heavy hearts, weary and worrying, will our needs be met? Today, that was me and has been me for weeks. Feeling a weight too heavy for me to carry, yet here I was trying to carry it all, a lone.

After reaching out to our old pastor who is like a father to me, my day began to shift, and so did my heart. He offered me so much wisdom with his gracious words reminded me of all that God has done in my life. As someone who has known me well for over half my life, I could trust his insight, knowing how far I have traveled. The weight began to lift, a little.

Last night I reached out to a dear friend, and asked her to come sit with me while I worked the shop today. Her presence has always been a comforting one. She is someone I greatly look up to, who has gone through many trials in life big enough to tear most of us down, yet she has come out strong and full of so much joy and laughter which she offers so generously to so many. Characteristics I will forever cherish and aim to grow into becoming.

Friend, if you are struggling right now, I want you to know there is hope. The internal struggle I have experience over the last few weeks has been immense. I lost sight of who I am, who I have battled so hard to become, how far I have come, it was frightful.

Later in the early evening of the day, two close friends stopped by the shop for a visit. Their presence alone was uplifting, and they too reminded me of where my life has come and how far I have traveled. Having walked with me through some very dark times, I also trusted their heart and perspective. Doing life with people is vital.

The weight was lifted.

There is so much to be found in life giving community. Words that wrap around our hearts, and arms that physically take hold of us tight when we need it most. I feel so blessed by our community, and to all the faces we have been seeing in the storefront. Each time I see someone new walk in, I am just so encouraged and excited to be where we are. I know there are good things ahead.

Thank you for being here with us.

A song that has encouraged me today by JJ Heller, "In The Morning":

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