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The Well Collected Home Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

When considering what to buy as the perfect gift for someone who is more choosy about what they bring into their home, it’s always a little intimidating. After all, you want them to really enjoy your gift for a long time, right?

It helps to really focus on timeless pieces in this case. Things that won’t get “old” per say, unique yet versatile. Chances are your well collected friend has spent time (years even) gathering her pieces and will appreciate the thought that goes into picking something with plenty of character, originality and life that will feel right at home in her thoughtful space.

Whether it is antiques, handcrafted utilitarian goods, or self-care tools, we want those pieces to feel special. I think when it comes to gifting it is important to consider beauty as much as usefulness to really make the experience memorable.

Sometimes it is a fun idea to pair a few items together and make a gift basket. To make this stress free, we recommend picking like items, pertaining to what region of the house they might reside… kitchen, bath, laundry, etc. Otherwise if your friend prefers a certain color way, or other specific theme, that is always a fun unique way to create a more eclectic gift basket!

We have put together this list of items that we feel best represent our “well collected” buyer. These pieces have it all as far as beauty, craftsmanship, and longevity. I think you will find it easy to select a really meaningful gift from this collection for your loved one!

A note about Afterpay... The Maple House Co. offers a "buy now pay later" solution for shoppers. Pay for your order in four payments, once every two weeks, interest-free for on time payments. You can sign up for Afterpay HERE. Happy shopping!

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