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Homesteader Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

When I think of living simply, I think of a slowed down life of intention, self sufficiency, and resourcefulness. Cultivating a home and lifestyle that is all about careful consumption and using what you have respectfully.

We find so much inspiration from those who live the homestead life. I thought it might be helpful to reach out to a local expert to gather some useful information to help us with our gift guide. My friend Kaity over at Walnut Hill Homestead was kind enough to answer a few questions, and she was super helpful guiding us in the right direction.

(Image by Pinehouse Photo)

Kaity and her husband Orion own a beautiful old farm in Grandview Washington, where they have begun building their dream homestead to share with their friends, family and community. Kaity’s background in sustainable practices and ethical agriculture make her a very valuable resource in my humble opinion.

When I asked Kaity what were some household tools they use almost daily, or staples that they might recommend for anyone who is wanting to journey down the homestead path, here is what she provided:

“Composting bucket and bags; don’t let anything go to waste! Return those nutrients back to the ground to fertilize next years garden.” She included, “ record keeping supplies: it’s important to keep track of things, what went well, what didn’t, and where you planted what! I’ve definitely lost track and wound up with surprise veggies. Also tracking your goals, homesteading can be overwhelming and disappointing at times. Everything is seasonal and keeping a calendar is very helpful.”

I am so inspired by what Kaity and Orion are doing with their property, looking forward to sharing more of their story soon. Some of Kaity’s favorite items from the shop are the beeswax candles, linen market pouches, and any of the reusable jars!

When considering items to gift from the shop, she included all of the linens, candles, multi use knives, and wax food wraps! All very useful tools! You can follow Kaity & Orion’s journey over on Instagram @wallnuthillhomestead |

Below we have curated a more in depth gift guide to help you buy for your homesteader friend or family member! It can always be a little challenging knowing how to give the perfect gift, in Kaity’s mind – handmade is always best!

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