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The Heritage Barn

Updated: May 4, 2022

Have you ever driven by an old building that spoke to you? Maybe you even had to pull over, pause for a moment to take it in. For years I drove by the big grey barn, over a decade, and I was always drawn to it. Even as a young woman in my late teens, before I ever considered much of my future, I was allured by this towering historic structure. Pulling me out of my world, it drew me into a simpler magical time. Majestic and whimsical, it was as if somehow, in some way I always knew I was meant to be a part of its story.

Just outside of Historic downtown Snohomish, a town which is much like the set of Gilmore Springhetti Road, nestled in the beautiful Agricultural lands stands this iconic building. For years we had been looking for something. A storefront, or building, land, some special place filled with all the charm and history to expand our little shop and explore our big dreams for The Maple House Collective. Snohomish is home to me and my husband. It is where we met, where he grew up and where I found myself. I have always felt like this little business was meant to be about more than just myself or my family, or the things that we sell. When the world stood still, hidden behind doors, I dreamed of community. Something I suppose I had always dreamed of even as a little girl.

Raised by a single mother, my sister’s and I knew all too well how to survive. By the time I graduated from High School, I had already moved over forty times. My childhood was far from easy, but it taught me to work really hard, be creative, and to dream big. Needless to say, my mother is my hero, as she has overcome so much and continues to teach me even today in my early thirties. Through our many trials, survival became my nature, though deep down I was longing to thrive, even if I didn’t fully know what that looked like yet.

The need to do life with people is a gift that many of us are learning to cherish. We can accomplish our goals, tackle hurtles, reach our dreams, but what makes those things all the more sweet, is in sharing them with those around us. A deep part of my longing exists from the enduring need to plant roots. Which is exactly what we intend to do. The best part of our business is those who handcraft the items you see, the people who join in on our excitement of what it means to create a meaningful home, our friends and family cheering us on and stepping in to help us along the way.

We wanted to find a place that would help to nurture this sense of community we desire. When the serendipitous opportunity came to become the new tenants of this old Heritage Barn, the very one I had driven by all those years prior, it was simply meant to be.

We had many different opportunities over the years and nothing ever seemed so right. I could never fully commit to anything, because it always felt like the right thing was out there waiting for us. This place is special, and I think anyone who steps foot on the property can feel it too. I have heard countless stories, I hear the same thing over and over, “I have driven by this barn for so many years…”. It means a lot to so many people, and we have every intention of making the most of this beautiful opportunity and sharing it with our community.

The big grey barn built in 1920, served originally as a Dairy Farm for years. It has had several owners over the years, and provided many different uses, while all the while still keeping most of its original country character in tact. This January, the barn doors opened up for the first time, in a long time to welcome all passers by to shop our first ever Pop Up Shop!

With the agricultural aspect at the forefront of our minds, we made it a priority to create the addition of a gardening section which we plan to continue growing. This section takes up a large portion of the shop just as you walk in. We have partnered up with several local Famers and Artisans to offer up locally harvest blooms, and other unique crafted and seasonal goods.

Our dried flowers sourced from local Flower Farmer Zhanna Andreyanov of Pretty Flower Farm we expect to carry year round. At our next event we will also have Pretty Flower Farm’s homegrown Dahlia Tubers which are in high demand.

Hosting our friends from the Antique Flower Truck is an anticipated highlight of these events. In front of the barn is parked their stunningly restored creamy white vintage pickup filled with fresh blooms. Anyone driving by will likely be lured in by this enchanting sight!

In our garden section you can expect to find seeds, handcrafted quality garden accessories like watering cans, cultivating tools, pots, gloves, vegetable brushes, brooms, sun hats, buckets, and so much more! With plans to farm our own flowers in the future, and partnering with many other local flower enthusiasts, we look forward to having flowers be a big part of what we do! In our minds, the more flowers, the better!

The barn is currently halfway completed as far as shopper access. Our shop sits in what was known as the "milking parlor", and consists of the front half of the barn where you will find a curated collection of primitive antiques and all handcrafted & fair trade housewares. With plans to open the rest of the barn up by Spring, we know our shop will only continue to grow and improve with time.

With our first pop up under our belts, we are excited to continue sourcing the best antiques and wares for our local community. Since opening, we have met so many talented individuals with different passions and gifts that we hope in some way to fit into our vision for this place.

While we don’t fully know what this could end up looking like, we know that community and growth will always be vital to what we do. I want to share my dream with those around us. I want people to walk in and feel like they are a part of this place and to share it with their friends and loved ones.

The shop is currently open once a month, the last weekend of every month rain or shine, 11:00am to 4:00pm all three days. If you are local you can keep an eye out for our white A-Frame signs stating “The Maple House Collective’s Pop Up Shop” with details- which looks just like our flyers. You might expect to see a small line out the door Friday morning, so be sure to bundle up and bring a friend! Our next event is only a week out - February 25th and 26th 2022. We look forward to seeing everyone, and are excited for all that the future holds as we grow. Please feel free to share our event and photos (tagging us) as that will only help us continue to grow and invite those who might be interested in what we are about. Don't forget, that if you can't come shop locally, you can always shop with us online: We will be sure to update our journal soon with more details about future events, previews, and happenings around the farm!

Event Details

When: The Last Friday through Sunday of Every Month

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm

Where: The Barn at 11018 Springhetti Road, Snohomish, WA 98296

(Dried Floral Wreaths by Antique Flower Truck)

(Zhanna of Pretty Flower Farm Holding Dahlia Tubers)

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