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The Harvest

We have been swept up in the whirlwind of renovations once again. Though this has been a busy season with little rest, we are seeing our new storefront transform into something special. Since our last market at the Heritage Barn ended, I haven't had so much time to really process it all.

The amount of support we have received from friends, family, customers has been truly incredible. We are so thankful that so many see and believe in the vision we have had for this business. I am really humbled by the relationships we have built simply from embarking on this journey years ago.

Every season that we have felt the need to push hard into our dreams, it always ends up being worth all of the hard work and perseverance. These last several weeks have been nothing short of hard work and a need to persevere. With little time to recuperate, we are working hard towards this long time dream of ours to open a storefront.

Even though it has been exhausting, and if I am honest, stressful at times... we have seen the support of our friends, family and local community all along the way. Strangers coming to our door to share how excited they are that we are here and can't wait for us to open up. Friends and family jumping in to help with the renovations, literally carrying us through this season, we feel overwhelmingly blessed.

I don't know why all those years ago I felt this pull to open a storefront... looking back I can see how the winding road lead us here. All of the times I felt like I was falling short, or when I struggled through hard seasons of hustling different jobs and making ends meet. I learned so much along the way. Each and every situation helped to shape this vision.

(Grandpa, Daddy, and Eloise hauling more bead board for the shop.)

Since markets have ended, we have been enjoying the fruits of our garden harvest. Gathering pumpkins, vegetables, and flowers in abundance. As I watched the harvest moon the other night, it reminded me of a paper I wrote in high school AP American Lit, about the significance of the harvest moon. It held so much meaning then, and even more today.

Even when the seasons seem darker, and the road is rough... we have the light we need to carry on and harvest the full fruits of our labor. I am reminded so many times to never give up. To keep pushing and allowing the seasons of rest to arrive in full glory.

I am choosing to be thankful for that which is coming. Believing in good times ahead. We are so excited that the storefront will be opening so very soon! Save the date for September 16th 2023 and join us for a full day of celebrating! We hope to see you there!

Save the date: Saturday September 16th 2023 11am - 5pm

Festivities included:

Fresh blooms available for purchase from The Antique Flower Truck

Coffee provided by Looking Glass Coffee / other beverages

Delicious Macaroons by Sweet Little Macarons

Pumpkins available for purchase

Gift basket giveaway, details to come

A special takeaway gift for our first customers, limited quantities available

Plus you can finally shop in person at our new storefront!

Parking available behind the building or street parking

Location: 811 Rainer Street, Snohomish, WA

Walkable from first street and all the other amazing small businesses located downtown Snohomish, WA.

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