French Savon de Marseille Soap - Vegetable Oil Block

French Savon de Marseille Soap - Vegetable Oil Block


Authentic Savon De Marseille French vegetable oil soap. These soaps have been used for hundreds of years. French women used big blocks of Marseille soap to wash their linens in communal washing areas. Now, this legendary soap is adored as incredibly pure, gentle and moisturizing skincare for the face and body. It’s delicate and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin types. Marseille soap is naturally luxurious and adds a classic accent to your home. Can be used from hand washing, to dishes, to laundry cleaning.  Perfectly imperfect, no two exactly alike. Natural authentic Savon de Marseille does not contain any added fragrances, these are naturally scented soaps that only get better with age!


72% EXTRA PURE vegetable oil

Made in Marseille - France


Sizes available:

300g cube

600g cube

1000g cube


Soaps may differ slightly from photos as they age, salt chrystals form giving it a very cool aged look.