French Mattress Topper - Navy Piano Stripe

French Mattress Topper - Navy Piano Stripe


French mattress topper, handcrafted in Africa. 100% cotton, spun, woven and hand-dyed. Interior is natural cotton fiber. These overlay mattresses are incomparably soft and are entirely natural thanks to their natural fibre filling. Stack them on a sofa or bed to create an irresistible world.


In 2018, Tensira acquired a large former hotel complex near Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea. This beautiful space has been completely renovated to be suitable for their production. The main activities of the workshop are weaving, dyeing, making and trimming products with a 100% natural fiber. Today, the workshop has more than 100 full-time employees. All fabrics are 100% cotton made with traditional looms. One meter of fabric is composed of more than 3000 hand-dyed and hand-woven yarns. All of the fabrics are reused in a zero-waste perspective. The manufacturing and dyeing team is mainly composed of women. Tensira also collaborates with several dozen groups of artisans throughout Guinea for weaving and natural indigo dyeing. This company offers all their employees excellent working conditions and have established a very precise quality control charter to guarantee the best quality of work.


Due to the natural nature of these products, slight variations and imperfections may accur in the weave. 


Dimensions: 50" L x 20" W